Following up with that boy that I was waiting on from this post Don't Go All The Way... Yet, he still struggles to nail down plans. Part of what kept me from going all the way was our first two dates... the first one was to a generic sushi place, and the second to the Huntington Beach street fair on Tuesday nights to get tacos. We rode on his motorcycle and that was a blast. But none of it required THAT much effort or was THAT special or THAT hard to do. Nothing required much sacrifice of time, energy, or schedule. The first date took place on a Sunday night, and the second on a Tuesday night.

He texts me time to time, but manages to never make real plans. I cannot attribute this to the fact that we didn't hook up. If we hooked up, it would not change things drastically. He is still considering me as an option, not a priority. It is his actions I see, not his Christian Bale good looks. A man will not respect you giving it up to them if they do not feel they did anything to earn it. It is not about how long I wait, it is about what he has done to show me that I matter to him.

To me, Saturday night is the true test of whether you matter to a guy. It means you are his weekend. As my dear guy friend confirmed: guys are not just looking to "get laid" or "hang out with girls" (whichever you prefer) on Thursday nights; any guy who just texts you on Thursday is texting someone else on Saturday. He's thinking about girls on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday too.

This brings us to the conclusion... don't get stuck on a guy because he's hot. Get stuck on a guy only after he got stuck on you, and showed it. Oh, and a guy who texts last minute really doesn't respect your time. And if he doesn't make plans, how much does he respect you..

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