I have come to a realization that one's wardrobe should support one's lifestyle, and that one is best suited to have something to wear for every occasion without having to agonize about what to put together at that very moment. This is why I focus on creating staple wardrobes, ones that support the every day wear, as well as those special outings, ones that are readily available for use, fit well, in good condition, and in season.

Here is my Fall 2016 Staple Wardrobe, one that I can wear every day for casual outings, and pieces that work great for dates as well.

First, the jeans: Abercrombie & Fitch renew jean leggings

Next the boyfriend flannels, gorgeous for any day: Abercrombie & Fitch

The fitted v-neck pullover sweaters, perfect for looking sleek or for a date: Express

The shoes, booties and block heel, on trend and more practical and comfortable to walk in than high heels: BP. Trolley Bootie, Steve Madden Saffron Sandal, Steve Madden

The accessories: kate spade & a.v. max

Wishlist: Paige denim, more express fitted sweaters, and Dolce Vita black booties and sneakers

Let me know what your favorite pieces for fall are currently, especially those you keep going back to xoxo

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