One of the most important things to do if you want to maintain good mental health is to not talk yourself down. If you can't finish as much as you thought you could in one sitting or one day, do not talk yourself down. If you are feeling human and tired and run down, do not blame yourself. If you are worried about your accomplishments thus far and your value in life, do not despair.

Instead, you must learn to both use these areas of discontent as motivation for future action, while also focusing on the positive lights. If you didn't finish all that you wanted to do, make a list and then forget about it until tomorrow when you can check off a few more things, but realize that you did some of them and be glad that you have made a step in the right direction. If you feel physically weary and incompetent, focus on when you can next get some good rest and know that simple things like lack of food or sleep are great harbingers of heightened stress levels. If you feel that you have not accomplished enough with your life at large, call out the good things you have done and know that each path is right for each person, and then be easy on yourself in the sense that you can forgive, accept, love, and live with the path you have walked on. For only then will you then be able to positively look toward the future and make more steps into what you hope to be.

Please find joy. Please find kindness and peace, for yourself and then for others. Just know that there's a world out there that vibes with what you are doing, that wants you to succeed, and that will draw closer to you as you draw towards it. Hold on through your struggles, because I've seen that life can be beautiful.

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